Stand at Attention When Mr. Anthony Hervey’s Funeral Procession Passes


Stand at Attention When Mr. Anthony Hervey’s Funeral Procession Passes. In case you don’t know who he is, Anthony Hervey was a black man who supported the Confederate flag.

Some say his relatives fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy, and that may account for the fact he could be seen at times wearing a Confederate uniform in his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi and carrying a Confederate flag.

He was killed in a car wreck Sunday near Oxford. The lady in the SUV with him survived, and says another car had been following them, and Hervey had sped up at one time to get away from them. That car with young black men tried to run them off the road by veering toward them. The Mississippi Highway Patrol in their investigation said no other car came in contact with the Hervey car.

There was something going on. The lady with Hervey said his last words were, “Hell no.”

Anthony Hervey had been at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama in Linn Park in downtown where the Birmingham City Council wants to remove a Confederate memorial. Hervey voiced his opposition to it, and from what I’ve read about him, did not mince his words.

On a TV show the anchor asked the lady who was with Hervey if she were not afraid at that rally. What the anchor seemed to want to say without saying it was that here were two black people, she and Hervey, among all those white people with Confederate flags, and she should be afraid. The lady with Hervey said she was not afraid, and in fact had met people from many states. Talk about destroying the thought line of a liberal anchor.

I really hadn’t taken sides on this Confederate flag issue up to now, but Hervey’s death changed my mind. Other blacks condemning him for his right to free speech, and beliefs. And maybe even worse, if they caused his death. I wonder if the black men in that car had a gun and banished it, and Hervey was doing what he could to protect him and his passenger.

I would never ask anyone or any place or city up North to remove any memorials or remembrances they have of the Civil War. That is a portion of their heritage, and should only be removed if the people there want it removed. The federal or county or city government should not step in, and dictate to them what they should do.

All of this was precipitated by the white nut in Charleston, South Carolina who sat among a black congregation for an hour, then got up and shot and killed nine of them, including the pastor. Horrible by any definition of the word, and by any human being

As I’ve said before, if I could be allowed to decide his punishment, and TV carried what I did to him, there would be fewer crimes of this nature. Shooters like this are cowards, and only want pain inflicted on their victims, not themselves. After they have killed others, they take the easy route out by killing themselves or being killed in a shootout. If I decided their punishment, they would be dead in the end, but how they got there would not be something they want to experience.

A Facebook picture showed the Charleston shooter with a Confederate flag, and the uproar began that he’s a Confederate radical. What has not drawn any attention is that he was also wearing a Gold Gym shirt.

Why haven’t those who want the Confederate flag removed from everywhere, ask that all the Gold Gym businesses be closed in the United States? Seems logical to me

And what about the sweatshirt or whatever he was wearing? He probably bought that at Gold’s Gym, but where did they get the blank shirts for printing Gold Gym on them? All those stores should be shut down. And the company that manufactured the shirt, all the locations of that company should be closed. We can go on ad infinitum.

We all know clothes they are wearing, or what they are holding in their hands do not make the shooter. The attitude of the shooter makes the shooter.

Does anyone know what the Chattanooga shooter was wearing? Has that been on TV? Was he holding anything in his hand other than a gun? I haven’t seen anything about it.

And what if another shooter comes forward to kill more Americans on American soil? What if a Facebook picture surfaces that shows him singing “The Star Spangled Banner” sarcastically, do we ban the national anthem? You can see how ridiculous that is.

Mr. Anthony Hervey will be laid to rest. If it were his wish, I hope a Confederate flag in his casket will make the journey with him to his immortality.

I hope there will be many in attendance at his funeral with Confederate flags. I hope and feel they will be respectful. That is the heritage.

If the rabble rousers show up with their Confederate flags, I hope there is a Confederate brigade that escorts them to the city limits, and even to the Mississippi state line.

On second thought, I hope when the rabble rousers are shown the Mississippi state line, the Confederate brigade continues with them to the Alabama gulf coast, and launches them into the Gulf of Mexico without a boat, and fails to call the Coast Guard.

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