Student Unrest, Quentin Tarantino, and George Soros


If you can’t see George Soros’ money at work in the student unrest at the University of Missouri, Yale University, and Ithaca College, I can.  The key? When Ferguson and “Black Lives Matter” are mentioned.   Look at what is being said.  Are these students or outside agitators?  Look at what is spelled out on what they are wearing.

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When Quentin Tarantino, the Holly wood Director, came to New York City, he attended a rally of “Black Lives Matter”. He strode to the podium, and vociferously proclaimed that you had to call murders murders and murderers murderers. When you’re at a “Black Lives Matter” protest, who in the world could they be talking about? Do you think maybe it is the police?

The police unions were a bit miffed. More than a bit miffed. They said they would boycott Tarantino’s movie. That sat well with the producers of Tarantino’s movie, the folks responsible for the money to make the movie, the Weinstein Company. Is it possible I saw Harvey Weinstein going into confessional to ask for forgiveness for the existence of Tarantino’s mouth and what he said? Probably somebody who looked like Harvey Weinstein. Besides I don’t think you can make a transference to others when it comes to the confessional. Would someone who is conversant in these matters please correct me if I’m wrong? I assume this is Plan A for the police unions across the country.

But now another couple of sources have reported the police unions have a Plan B to go along with Plan A. The police unions have yet to reveal what Plan B is. That leaves it to everyone’s imagination. Here’s mine. The police unions in major cities call a TV press conference. In the press conference they announce they will not be providing police protection when Quentin Tarantino’s movie is being shown. There is one hitch. Most movies these days are shown in multiplex theatres, where several movies are shown at the same time. The police will then have to say because Tarantino’s movie cannot be shown separately, then they cannot provide protection for any of the other movies. I do think the police should have compassion for the moviegoers, and tell them good luck while the moviegoers’ cars are being stripped outside the theatres, and entire gangs come in and sit beside the normal moviegoers.

Surely there will not be panic among the theatre owners?

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Why is George Soros Funding “Black Lives Matter”?

Why would a Hungarian man who is an American citizen fund a radical group like “Black Lives Matter” (BLM)? Follow the money, Bro, follow the money.

Bill O’Reilly the other night said that George Soros is funding “Black Lives Matter” through his Open Society Foundation (OSF). OSF funnels money into various other organizations, and one of those funds “Black Lives Matter”.

“Black Lives Matter” grew out of the Ferguson case where Officer Darrin Wilson shot Michael Brown. Brown had already committed a criminal act by stealing a box of cigarillos from a package store. Cigarillos for those not initiated are used in the manufacture of drugs.

It was proven that Brown stuck his hands and arms in Officer Wilson’s car, and tried to take his gun away from him. It was also proven that Brown did not have his arms up when Officer Wilson shot him and was coming toward his police car. Officer Wilson had already been subjected to a beating by Brown. Do you think Brown was approaching Wilson’s car again to shake his hand? I’d say Brown was coming to take Officer Wilson’s gun and kill him.

If the police were allowed to grill the other black guy who was with Brown, I think the truth would set all of the BLM concepts upside-down for good. If that fellow told the truth, he would need the FBI Witness Protection Program, and to be totally safe from BLM, might need to be the first citizen on Mars.

The local grand jury did not indict Officer Wilson. The Department of Justice (DOJ) sent a swarm of lawyers to Ferguson after Brown’s shooting. I’m guessing the hotel occupancy rate in nearby St. Louis was 100% DOJ lawyers. If the Department of Justice (DOJ) had found one scintilla of evidence against Officer Wilson, they would have begun a trial that made the Nuremburg Nazi trials after WWII look like they were conducted by first year law students. The DOJ could not find any reason to charge Officer Wilson, this coming from a group that might have had a 120% basis against Officer Wilson.

The “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) is based on this total lie. And from this we now have this black organization wanting to kill police officers.

Obama supports BLM. Hillary Clinton supports BLM. Among all of Hillary’s alleged or true atrocities this might be the worse. Do these people who stand beside Hillary in campaign photo ops know they in essence are endorsing BLM? Katy Perry endorsed Hillary. Do you want a logical premise? Katy Perry endorses Hillary. Hillary endorses BLM, therefore Katy Perry endorses BLM. Put that out on social media, and see if Katy Perry takes a hit financially. I have a feeling if she did, she would quickly say she is endorsing no one running for political office.

Follow the money, Bro, follow the money.

George Soros received credit in 1992 for breaking the Bank of England when England had a financial crisis. He was also a shadow figure in the financial crises that Thailand, Malaysia, and France had. How do you make money in a financial crisis? If you go long, you are convinced the trend will be up. If you go short, you are convinced the trend is down. Soros went short on England, and some reports say he walked away with a billion dollar profit, that’s b as in billion.

That, to me, indicates he thrives on adversity. So what does that have to do with an organization (BLM) wanting to kill police officers?

Millions have been poured into BLM. They now have organized protests in many of the major cities, and any other place that becomes a hot-spot overnight for racial tension.

A prime example of that was the Security Officer at that school who flipped over the desk with the black student sitting in it after she had been asked to leave the class by several authorities. That went viral. I’m looking for some BLM to show up there.

Have you seen the video of the white principal being taken to the floor by three blacks? I don’t think so. I’m not sure how much personal injury that principal received. At least the video is on Facebook of the black student slamming the older teacher in New Jersey, and then beating him, or at least it looks that way, because he took his cell phone away.

If you can divorce yourself from the beatings, follow the money, Bro, follow the money.

George Soros funded the Internet organization MoveOn.Org which I think anybody in their right mind would concede they have been vitriolic in their rhetoric, and that’s putting it mildly. I don’t think Soros gets any return on his money on MoveOn.

But now he has troops on the ground. “Black Lives Matter”. I have to believe the main organizers are paid by the funding Soros provides. The rest of the blacks are being led like sheep, and will believe any hatred BLM leaders put out. Exactly how the sheep are supporting themselves, I don’t know. Maybe they’re drawing welfare checks and food stamps. If they are locals within the community when the paid organizers come to town, if they do have jobs, I can see them going to their bosses, and telling them they need a few BLM days off.

Follow the money, Bro, follow the money.

Soros is a businessman, and regardless of the $20 some odd billion he’s worth, businessmen do not like to lose money on anything. Here’s what I’m saying is about to happen.

Sure BLM wants to see dead cops, but there is no money in that for Soros. If the economy of the United States is disrupted, or brought down entirely then there is money to be made by Soros. In case I didn’t make the Wall Street app clear, he will be going short. Are you laughing at what I’m saying? If you don’t think our economy is teetering on financial ruin with over $18 trillion in debt, let’s see what happens with a tilt from BLM.

How can BLM disrupt the economy? Let’s say a group of them swarm a McDonald’s. In addition to scaring the hell out of the customers, that McDonalds will be vacated as soon as possible by the customers. BLM does it a second time in another location and another and another. Get the picture? Customers will stop going there for fear that BLM will show up unannounced.

What about Wal-Mart or Costco? Same thing. Remember, George now has the troops, and the number is growing every day. Once you get the ball rolling……..

And you who have stuck up for BLM might want to tell the BLM’s while you’re sitting there eating your Big Mac that you’re with them, and see how much effect that has.

Follow the money, Bro, follow the money.

Wonder what Jimmy Rogers thinks of all this. He was once a partner of George Soros in a hedge fund. Made a lot of money. Jimmy’s from Alabama. Jimmy, do you think your old buddy George is being patriotic about this?

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