T. J.Bunn, Jr. Should Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove He Didn’t Rape Megan Rondini


Most stories I write, I side with the police. Not in this case.

They loused up big time.

Why do I say that?

Because they had a potential rape case in front of them, and wound up trying to make the victim the guilty party.

In 2015 Megan Rondini was walking down a Tuscaloosa, Alabama street close to a bar.

T. J. Bunn, Jr., son of a prominent Tuscaloosa family, and a friend who was with him, picked up Megan.

The end result is that Megan claimed she was raped, and T. J. Bunn, Jr. claimed it was consensual.

If you want all the details read them elsewhere. That is not why I am writing this story.  BuzzFeed has a very detailed account.

When Megan finally got out of Bunn’s house, and tried to get away, she found his billfold in his car, took $3 from his billfold for a cab if she could find one (there was more money in it) and a small handgun (she had no idea what kind of neighborhoods she might be walking through).

The police accused Megan of a felony for taking the money and the gun. They were willing to prosecute her if she proceeded with her rape charge against T. J., Jr.

Instead of coddling T. J., Jr. when he came to the police station for questioning, here is the approach they should have taken.

Mr. Bunn: You saw Megan Rondini walking on a sidewalk near a bar, and picked her up.

T J. Jr.’s answer would have probably been yes.

Mr. Bunn: Did you know she had been drinking and might be drunk?

T. J., Jr. ?

Mr. Bunn: Did you not think the gentlemanly thing to do would be to take her home and make sure she was secure in her apartment, and then leave?

T J., Jr. ?

Mr. Bunn: Are you a gentleman?

T. J., Jr. ?

Mr. Bunn: You claim you had consensual sex with Megan.  She claims you raped her. One of those he said, she said. I think we can clear all of this up very quickly if you will take a lie detector test. Will you take a lie detector test.

T.  J. Jr. ?

If T. J., Jr. refused to take a lie detector test, the police should have told him that sometimes these things leak out without their consent, and the fact he would not take a lie detector test would become known to the public.

The Bunn name has been known for a number of years in Tuscaloosa, and is well-respected. Bunn Construction is one of the better known construction companies in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama where Megan was attending.

The family apparently has allowed their name to be dragged through the mud in their seemingly silent effort to defend T. J., Jr.

I blame them to a degree, because in what no doubt would have washed the mud from their name, they could have publicly called for T. J., Jr. to take a lie detector test concerning the alleged rape, and if he failed the test, to ask that he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Megan transferred to S. M. U., but her sorority friends and others were in Tuscaloosa, which had to make for an unpleasant situation for her.

She was 20 at the time of the incident, and T. J. Bunn Jr. was 34. Quite an age gap, wouldn’t you say?

Rape cases are always difficult to prove unless the victim scratched the perpetrator very badly, and kicked him in the groin, and did everything else that could be done to prevent it.

The police cited the fact that Megan didn’t resist enough.

She had been drinking, how much drunk she was nobody knows, but she did realize what he was about to do, according to several reports.

What do we have now?

Megan killed herself on 2/26/16 by hanging herself.  One can only imagine what was the last thing that finally pushed her over the edge?

I can only assume T. J. Bunn, Jr. is free to do whatever he wishes, whenever he wishes.

As I look at a picture of the home office building of Bunn Construction, I am reminded of the plantations of the Old South, and what Scarlett O’Hara might have said in a paraphrase of what she did actually say in “Gone With The Wind”.  “Let’s not be mealy-mouthed about this”.

Okay, Bunn family, do we get that T. J. Bunn, Jr. lie detector test or not?

There is one major hitch for the Bunn family. If the car T. J. Jr. was driving that night  was registered in the name of Bunn Construction Company, the company would be brought into any lawsuits.

It’s your move Bunn family.

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