The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Pristine Bullet


The Warren Commission Report that was written about the assassination, so named for Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court at the time, was written to explain what happened. It was accepted by some at the time as correct, and others were highly skeptical.  It was almost as though they invented a sequence of events to fit the puzzle they had.

Here is what took place according to the Warren Report.

Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone and with no consort with anyone else, killed JFK. He fired three shots from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

The first shot missed entirely.

The second shot, which was the pristine or magic bullet, such theory developed by Senator Arlen Specter, a member of the Commission and a senator at the time from Pennsylvania, did something that no other bullet in history was capable of doing. The second shot from Oswald was the neck shot that only hit soft flesh in passing through JFK, then because Governor Connally sitting in the jump seat in front of JFK had turned to look at JFK (probably the reaction to Oswald’s first shot which very few recognized as a gunshot) was hit with the same second shot. It penetrated his body, broke two bones (rib and wrist if I remember correctly) and wound up lodged in his body or just outside. The bullet through all of this remained in a pristine condition as though it had hit nothing.

Oswald’s third shot was the kill shot to the head.

Now let me give you my version of what happened, one aspect of this a mystery until I was actually writing this, but quite logical. I will explain

Below is my account of what took place.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s first shot was way off the mark. As Oswald looked toward the Kennedy car from the Texas School Book Depository and took aim, his first shot hit to the left side of the street, at least fifteen feet off the mark. The bullet struck the street just by the curb where it fragmented, and a fragment struck a man standing there, and produced a bloody spot on the side of his face. This was verified by a policeman who was standing right by the man.

The second shot, which the Warrant Report called the pristine bullet, was the one that hit JFK high on the back of the neck with a downward trajectory that came out in the front lower portion of JFK’s neck. Whether that bullet shattered JFK’s trach was not made clear, but if so, could have been fatal in of itself, if something was not done to allow oxygen to the brain within the so-called four-minute window. The bullet continued on and hit Governor Connally. How is that possible considering his original position in the jump seat was not in alignment with the shot? He did turn as the Warren Report said, and shifted to his right which allowed the bullet to strike him in the manner it did. But there is no way the bullet could have remained in pristine condition, after striking as much as it did.

The contention is that the third bullet was the fatal shot to the head, but was it? If the shot came from Oswald, why did the body not lunge forward, with maybe a slight movement to the left?  But the body lunged violently to JFK’s left at the point that a gunman with a gun propped on the fence at the grassy knoll would have had a clear and excellent shot at JFK, a shot at very close range, causing a violent thrust to the left of JFK’s body. The motorcade had not sped up at this point because the effects of Oswald’s second shot had only registered, and the Secret Service realized what it was.

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of what was happening came from the mouth of Jackie Kennedy herself, when she realized that Kennedy had been shot she shouted out, “They’ve killed my husband.” Not somebody killed my husband, but they. Brain matter, blood and flesh was spewed all over the inside of the car and even on the windshield. Jackie was seen trying to stuff some of JFK’s brain back into his head, quite grotesque but true.

Here is the mystery that was solved as I was writing this. Oswald was using a cheap gun and cheap bullets. Even though the bullets were loaded with the gunpowder propellant mechanically, I do believe the machine doing that only loaded that shot with a minimum of gunpowder, or maybe the supply of gunpowder in the loading box was low at the time, and the operator was too lazy to get up and refill it. There was only enough gunpowder that when the shot was fired reached JFK and did no damage except perhaps ripped his clothes and settled inside those clothes until he was lifted from the stretcher in the hospital as pointed out by my high school friend, Dr. X. The pristine bullet contrary to the Warren Report saying it had not exited Connally’s body or was on his stretcher was not, because it was on JFK’s stretcher. The pristine bullet was proven in tests, according to at least one report, to have come from Oswald’s gun.

How did this all come about? First let’s prove where the pristine bullet was found.

Below is what Dr. X, writing for another venue, said.  I am using it here with his permission. The person who saw the pristine bullet had impeccable credentials and can certainly be believed.

The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. In 1971, I (Dr. X, again a high school friend of mine), would meet M. T. “Pepper” Jenkins, the Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, who would become my (Dr. X) mentor in medical politics.

Pepper’s place in Medicine was ubiquitous, President of the AMA, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, as well as providing untold contributions to research, and the recipient of a multitude of awards in Medicine. In 1963, he was to lead the resuscitation attempts of JFK. For whatever reasons or prohibitions placed on him, he did not speak of that incident. During that attempt at resuscitation, a young Chief surgical resident, who because he is still alive I (Dr. X) will not name, stood by ready to operate. He, too, would become my (Dr. X) close friend, and for over twenty years would not, or was prohibited from talking about what occurred in that operating room at Parkland.

Incidentally, he was also an ordained minister who had been a medical missionary to Afghanistan, and thus I (Dr. X) greatly respected his credibility. We had many personal conversations.

When he did speak of his connection to the JFK assassination, after those many years, he mentioned almost reluctantly that a pristine bullet was found on the stretcher as they moved JFK to the OR table–the mysterious 4th bullet, possibly connected to a second assassin?

Why was it important for Pepper to tell what he knew?

One thing Pepper could have told in examining Kennedy is where the head shot came from. He certainly could have told from just looking at Kennedy whether the shot came from the side (grassy knoll/wooden fence or from behind. If he had said grassy knoll/wooden fence that would have destroyed the theory that Oswald acted alone. I think that would have led directly to the mafia, and the Secret Service and FBI and CIA were never going to admit that the mafia killed JFK, or any president for that matter.

 Why would the mafia even have had an interest in assassinating JFK?

In the 1960 election Sam Giancana, mafia boss of Chicago, delivered Chicago for JFK’s election. In return the mafia was to be left alone, but no sooner had JFK gotten in office and appointed Robert Kennedy as AG than that is exactly what Robert Kennedy did, go after the mafia. Sam Giancana was furious.

 The CIA did think the mafia was involved in the assassination of JFK

The Freedom of Information Act of 1967 was used by several news organizations to secure the release of much info that had not been given to the public prior to that. There were still many documents such as the one below about Jack Wasserman and Carlos Marcello that were not released.

“Also withheld is a CIA file on Jack Wasserman, a lawyer for New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello and a longtime suspect in the assassination (JFK) who was also involved in CIA plots to overthrow Castro in Cuba”.

The claim to withhold any documents including the one above is that it still might be detrimental to national security or be a danger to someone who was still living, etc. (a total of nine possible exemptions). Although the document above I believe is valid in citing Carlos Marcello, the person who wrote the summary about the actual document that is being withheld seems to have very little knowledge of the inner workings of the mafia.

Mafia lawyers were never the killers, they went to court to defend mafia members who had killed.

Carlos Marcello would have never had any of his mafia family to assassinate JFK.  The person directly offended by JFK and Robert  F. Kennedy was Sam Giancana whose call it was to assassinate JFK. Even though one does not normally think of the mafia as having ethics and loyalty, it does, and even though there is often violence among mafia families (not Marcello or Giancana) respect for that particular offense is still granted to the person whom they recognize should have it.

After Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, the media started looking back at Oswald’s past, saying he had been to Russia and Cuba, and that everything he did was communist inspired. What they did not look at was Oswald’s connection to Carlos Marcello in New Orleans. Marcello as the mafia boss in New Orleans, still knew Sam Giancana quite well, and might have even been in on a few “hits” that Sam made while he was climbing the ladder to become Chicago mafia boss.

There is a good possibility that Marcello enlisted Oswald to kill JFK, as a favor to Sam Giancana, but with Giancana knowing about it. Neither one of them thought Oswald could hit the side of a barn with the gun he was using, but they were not going to have anything to do with the gun he chose.

Giancana would have his expert marksman behind the wooden fence on the grassy knoll with a clear shot at JFK’s head and a reliable gun in his hands that fired the same type bullet as Oswald’s, possibly a Remington adapted for that purpose.

That bullet was never found, and probably has lodged in the side of a building or flown off to land in some deserted field. If I lived in Dallas, I would be out with my metal detector to discover the find of the century, because it would still have JFK’s dried blood on it.

I would take a chance that it was a Remington, check the range of the best available Remington rifle in 1963, go to that point to begin my search, and work back toward where the JFK car would have been.  I think you could allow a subtraction of 40 to 50 yards of the normal trajectory for the fact that it struck Kennedy’s head, but was not slowed down that much.

Oswald was using a cheap Carcano $13.98 rifle with a notorious gun sight problem that really could not be corrected because the gun most of the time did not fire true. How Oswald corrected the aim on that terrible first shot to even hit JFK’s limo with his second shot, much less hit JFK, is beyond amazing. And a third shot to the head is even more amazing, because he had to re-cock the gun, take his eyes off the target, and re-aim before each shot. And, as I have already pointed out, the third shot didn’t even have enough velocity to do any damage.

A policeman ran up behind the fence on the grassy knoll after the head shot and reported there was no one there. Why did he go up there in the first place? Because he thought a shot came from behind the fence on the grassy knoll. He did not conduct a thorough search, only a look/see. Whether there were any nooks a shooter could have hidden in, was never discussed.

The area behind the grassy knoll was a railroad switching yard, and there was a switchman in the second story tower, about 20 feet off the ground which would have given him a clear view of the RR yard and the wooden fence at the grassy knoll. He said he saw no one at the time of the shooting. Earlier there had been a report of two men in a car in that RR area. Could those two men have been the shooter and his driver who accosted the man in the switching tower, a man by the name of Bowers, and told him he was about to see nothing?

Bowers died about two years later when his car hit a bridge on his way home from work, a road he had traveled many times.

The mafia was more than happy to have Oswald take the full blame, because the heat on the entire mafia nationwide would have been searing, and none of the mafia wanted that.

The New York mafia knew of the possible hit on Kennedy but did not participate. I believe the NY “co-ordinator”, if one wishes to call them that, was the Gambino or Genevese family (I can’t recall which), a co-ordinator could also be called the peacekeeper for the five mafia families in NY.  They didn’t particular care whether JFK or Robert got killed. They didn’t want the heat on them for ”nuthin’” they didn’t do.

There is an extensive report available which tries to trace the chain of evidence from the time the pristine bullet was discovered in Parkland Hospital to its arrival and secure location in Washington D. C.

If you are not familiar with the term chain of evidence it refers to the handling of a murder weapon (knife, gun or bullet or both, etc.) from the time it is discovered until it winds up in court. For example A discovers the gun and bullet that was responsible for the murder. He/she hands it over to B, who signs for it, and acknowledges it came from A. B then gives it to C with the same procedure. Finally it arrives at the evidence room where similar signatories are effected.

In the case of the pristine bullet, an outright error was made in the beginning when this report said that two hospital employees found the pristine bullet and handed it over to an FBI agent. That couldn’t be because the bullet, according to Dr. X’s friend was still on the stretcher when they were lifting JFK onto the operating room table from the stretcher. The only people in the room at that time were hospital personnel Pepper, the surgical resident, possible nurses, and Secret Service agents. One of the Secret Service agents had to take the pristine bullet into his possession at that time.

In 2002, this report interviewed a retired FBI agent who lived in Dallas, and was supposed to have handled the bullet in the chain of evidence. This was specified in FBI memos. That FBI agent said he never touched nor saw the pristine bullet

And if you believe Jack Ruby killed Oswald because Ruby had such admiration for JFK, as was reported, I’ve got some swampland in Florida I want you to consider buying. Jack Ruby was a mafia wanna-be. He knew both Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana. Sam Giancana asked him to kill Oswald to keep him from talking, and Ruby did it. Ruby knew many of the Dallas police and was probably given access to the police station because of that, or it’s possible some of the Dallas police were on the payroll of the mafia.  Exactly what Ruby’s reasoning on the kill was, I don’t know. I would guess he said to himself, a jury would only give him 16 minutes in prison for killing Oswald, JFK’s killer. It didn’t quite work out that way, and Ruby died in prison of cancer.

Because of severe back problems, JFK was wearing a back brace that day, and had very limited mobility. When the neck shot hit him, he could not lean over in the car to prevent the kill shot, wherever it came from.

What made Pepper remain quiet? I don’t think the Secret Service or FBI would have ever done anything to Pepper. Of course, as Dr. X said, Pepper taught him about medical politics, and Pepper saw all the ramifications that would ensue if he revealed some telling revelations, and decided to remain quiet to avoid the spotlight.

The CIA to me is a different matter. Whether they have killed people is a matter of conjecture, but I’m sure if they did, it would it foreigners. Whether they would have tried to silence Pepper after he spoke out is academic at this point. The surgeon who was a surgical resident at the time of the assassination must not have thought he would be in danger by speaking out. His info, as we have seen, is vital in the identification and location of an important bit of info and history.

And history, yes we have that to deal with. When Pepper pronounced Kennedy dead as the person in charge at Parkland that day (Kennedy’s personal physician signed the death certificate later in D.C.) did he realize the storm that was about to come up on the horizon?




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