The Lighthouse


Hilton Head

Can you imagine being at the Harbour Town Lighthouse on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina? That’s where this picture was taken.

This lighthouse peers out into the darkness for a good 20 miles, providing a safe beacon to warn ships off of a craggy shoreline.

Too bad we as humans can’t see 20 miles sometimes. Our intelligence level might see only about 2 feet out in front of us.

A lighthouse has special lenses that concentrate its beam to where those who need to see it can.

A human being on the other hand has major distractions to where concentration may be an impossibility. Since the invention of the cell phone, people don’t have time to concentrate anymore, they just text, and most times it’s the first thing that comes into their minds. Shall we say at times not something well thought out that instantly brings regrets it was ever written in the first place?

A lighthouse never has to apologize, its light rotating around to the sea, concentrating, and simply doing its job.

A lighthouse. Gold reflections upon shimmering water in the sunset with that same lighthouse behind and to the right. Perhaps we all should pause, reflect in our minds, and realize there is serenity in a world that slows down rather than accelerates. Allow your mind one rotation of the light in the lighthouse before you speak and write.

Hilton Head 2

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