They’re Buying a $65 Million Jet


They’re Buying a $65 Million Jet. No, they’re not buying a $65 million jet. They asked their members for donations to buy the jet. No, they didn’t ask their members for donations to buy the jet.

I think my mind has short-circuited, trying to determine exactly what’s going on.

Creflo Dollar Ministries/ World Changers Church International has a problem. Their Gulfstream III jet ran off the runway at Biggin Hill Airport in the United Kingdom on 11/24/14. According to the Board of CDM/WCCI it was totaled. Then their preachers, who spread the word of the gospel worldwide, had to take to commercial jets to get to where they were going, first class I assume.

Someone in the organization came up with the bright idea in March of this year to put out the word for donations to buy a Gulfstream G 650, which can cost up to $65 million if you add all the options.

They must have heard from a couple of people who didn’t too much cater to the idea. The Board sensing the $300 per member call to the donation plate might look as though they were asking all members for $300, tried to clarify their position by issuing a statement, a portion of which read, “Our web site was directed to a specific community of like-minded people who love and support the ministry and its global missions work.” I take it the like-minded people they are referring to are the church members who already own their own Gulfstream G 650, and would understand the need for the church to own a Gulfstream G 650.

The person who came up with the $300 per member must not have had their computer handy. They claim to have 30,000 members. Multiply that by $300 per, and you wind up with $9 mil. Maybe that’s the down payment. New ideas would have had to be hatched to come up with the shortfall of $56 mil.

Televangelist Pastor Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, (can’t imagine why that name reminds me of money) who is the founder, senior pastor, and CEO of CDM/WCCI, does have a couple of problems which the members of his congregation seem all too happy to help him sweep under the church carpet. Wonder how much the church carpet cost?

A publication called “Ministry Watch” has given the church an “F” in financial transparency for failure to disclose pertinent facts about the church. For example what is Creflo’s salary or bonus or incentives, or in other words the total package he receives from the church? Nobody knows.

In June, 2012 Creflo was arrested for beating his 15 year old daughter. She called 911. Creflo’s 19 year old daughter confirmed the beating at the police station. When the daughter was making the 911 call she said she had no marks of a beating on her body. Apparently she wanted to go somewhere her father Creflo would not allow her to go. Creflo attended anger management classes, and the charges were dropped in January, 2013. I tend to give Creflo the benefit of the doubt on this one. Based on what he said, he was only spanking her. I know some of the modern folks think you should spare the rod, and wait until your kid is on death row before you decide you should have done something when he/she was young, but in my day, a spanking for wrongdoing was a common practice. We sat very softly for a couple of days, and then moved on.

The WCCI/CDM Board has said they will buy the Gulfstream G 650 jet, “At a time, place, and price of our choosing.” Good luck. Gulfstream says they are backlogged until early 2018, so maybe the Board of WCCI/CDM is bragging a bit about something they don’t have to worry about for almost three years.

Maybe they are serious, and will devote the next three years to raising the money to buy the jet. I suggest they hire a PR firm to prevent another blunder. Considering their first efforts, the next one might be a catastrophic blunder.

The World Dome as they call their church in College Park, Georgia must be a sight to behold.

When I was young, we lived in East Point, Georgia. Let me correct that. We lived 2 ½ miles from East Point, Georgia, but in its city limits but also in the middle of nowhere. As the crow flew, we were actually closer to College Park, Georgia. College Park is adjacent to Hapeville, Georgia, which is where the original Atlanta airport was at the time. It was known as Candler Field then. On a busy afternoon 3 DC-3’s would bring in 21 passengers each if they were loaded to limit, and take off with 21.

We sat on ten acres, mainly because my father’s business was at the back of the acreage.

If I could have just foreseen the future, we would have purchased another 20 acres at the back of us, and provided an emergency landing strip or otherwise for the now Atlanta airport. We were in direct line for the approach to the airport.

When Creflo’s Gulfstream G 650 decided he was in a big hurry and chose our less congested dirt landing strip to land on, saving himself about 14 hours in the process, we would have gone out to greet him.

Commercial jets require at least 10,000 feet to land. A twin engine Beechcraft 4,000. With the efficiency of the Gulfstream G 650, I’ll bet it could land in 6,000 feet, just exactly what we would have had if we had laid out the land properly.

When Creflo stepped out of the plane, I’m not sure what my greeting would have been. Something profound, no doubt, like maybe, “How’s it going, preach.”

I wonder if he would have let me ride in the limo that came to pick him up? Maybe up front with the chauffeur, provided I put on a shirt and tie to go with my overalls.

I forgot one thing. The WCCI-CDM Board said, “Our community is centered on biblical principles directly from the Word of God.”

If God is in that limo, I know I want a ride.

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