A Time for Honesty: The Michael Brown Case


A Time for Honesty. That includes me. I want you to know all of us Southern rednecks do not subscribe to some specific redneck philosophy. Many of us think for ourselves.

In John Grisham’s first novel “A Time to Kill”, one of the main characters is a father, a black man, who kills two white men who raped his daughter. He’s put on trial and acquitted. I believe that was the book John Grisham is said to have sold out of the trunk of his car. Once Grisham became well-known, his publisher reissued the novel.

If I had been in the novel, the father would have had to stand in line behind me. I would have shot the two white men before he did. In the old South those two men would have been identified as white trash. That’s no reflection on being poor. There were plenty of white people who were poor, but they had a pride about themselves that elevated them above such dimensions.

Now we come to Michael Brown, or should I say Michael Brown’s parents. I ask for their honesty in answering my questions. Maybe they are planning a civil lawsuit to try and reap millions. That, to me, would be profiting because of a death, but that’s only my opinion. In a civil lawsuit, I’m not sure whether they would have to answer the questions I am proposing. If so, then at some point, my questions would be answered.

What I want his parents to do is to put out there everything they know about their son.

The toxicology report as reported on TV said he had marijuana in his system. I want his parents to tell me if he used marijuana and other drugs on a frequent basis.

Some drugs can make you so high, you feel like you are superhuman, and can stop a bullet with no ill effects. Could that have happened to Michael Brown?

Was he a bully?

There seems to be a consensus that was Michael Brown stealing a box of cigars or cigarillos on video in the convenience store, and then shoving the clerk or owner out of the way as he casually exited the store. If that were him, had he stolen before? If so, what and how many times?

Did he have a juvenile record that would show criminal behavior? If so, tell us what that or those acts were.

Any of us who have raised kids, know kids do things parents do not like. Sometimes they gravitate into more serious matters, at times involving the police. That does not mean the parents didn’t try.

At least Michael Brown had two parents. How many blacks never have the father around? I would guess his parents put as much effort into raising Michael Brown, as I did in raising mine.

Then came the convenience store, and the police officer.

Be honest, Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Tell us everything. We’re not going to say, considering your circumstances, we could have done a better job. We are not going to say you failed as parents.

When the total truth is on the table, then we will sympathize with you. We will say it could have happened to any of us. I have no idea whether Michael Brown fell into the wrong crowd. There are enough wrong crowds around these days to accommodate anyone who wants to run with them. Did he have an association with a gang, or did he act with a friend or two in any given situation?

A Time for Honesty is now. I imagine the tremendous positive response you would get from all over the United States, and maybe beyond, would surprise you.

In all my years of writing, countless times I have seen parents, talked to parents, who thought their kids could do no wrong, and they did.

I’m waiting to hear about who Michael Brown was, and only his parents know for sure. You, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, come to the podium. You, no one else. Not your lawyer or others. You.

A Time for Honesty is now.

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  • I am glad to be able to see your blog. I did not know about it until today. I will be reading more now that I know about it.