Today’s Dating


Ever talk to your grandkids who are girls about boys?

You get quite a different perspective from one who is in college, one in high school, and one in middle school.

The one in college tends to have relationships like two months or longer. But when the boy is dump material, strike him from the list, don’t mention his name anymore, and agree to raise money for his admission to another college.

The high school one must be engaged in speed dating, like fifteen minutes, with several dates on the same night. I think the boys pass each other at the front door of her parents’ home. I don’t think they are shaking hands at that point.

The one in middle school has a boyfriend. He has a name. The CIA’s grilling, but she’s not willing to reveal his name.

I do wonder how they tell the boys to get lost. In my day, I lost track of the girls who told me to get lost by saying, “GET LOST.”

Like today with all the social media, it must be more complicated, more sophisticated than that, considering tweets, Instagram, etc. What about these break-up lines…….


“Our intellect is in disagreement.”

“I’ll need a little more time to decide if I like you. Call me in thirty years.”

“I’ve made a unilateral decision for the both of us.”

“That Lamborghini doesn’t belong to you?”

High School

“Buzz off.”

“You forgot your resume for my father to review?”

“Having a date in a car that’s being towed because it broke down is not exciting.”

Middle School

“You’re too freaky for me.”


“You don’t have an iPhone?”

“You expect me to ride a bicycle on a date?”

Am I glad I’m too old to date anymore. That slippery slope has been updated. It has quicksand at the bottom.

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