Traitor? Treason?


Traitor? Treason? You decide.

If you haven’t been following the news, there’s good news if you’re Russia’s Putin. Not so good for the United States. Putin’s governmental agency Rosatom owns at least 20% of the uranium deposits in the United States. I use at least because with minerals in the ground you never know exactly what’s there until you mine them.

Millions and millions of dollars flowed to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. As her spokesman says, there is not a “shred of evidence” Hillary did anything wrong. Could Hillary disposing of her computer contained that shred of evidence? Guess we’ll never know.

This is not a political issue. It’s a national security issue. And there’s plenty of blame to go around.

I think it was one spider that said to the other, “Ah, what tangled webs we weave.” Maybe some person actually said that, but you must admit spiders have a logical reason to say that. This is more complicated than the arachnoids can weave.

Bill Clinton went to Kazakhstan with his buddy from Canada to help him secure some uranium mining rights in that country. Bill’s buddy had a company that would later be renamed Uranium One. At that time about the only thing existing for Uranium One were papers filled at the courthouse, or whatever they call it in Canada, saying Uranium One exists.

The big dude in Kazakhstan had an atrocious human rights record, but Bill makes a speech praising his human rights record. A few days later Bill’s Uranium One Canadian buddy is granted the uranium mining rights in Kazakhstan. Don’t remember whether Bill collected $500,000 for that speech, but he sure collected a lot of $500,000s for speeches while Hillary was Sec of State. The Clinton Foundation was enriched by millions not long after that successful journey to Kazakhstan.

At some point Uranium One partners with a South African company. Not sure why. Perhaps South Africa has uranium interests as well.

Uranium One then sets about acquiring mineral rights in the United States, and of course uranium is technically a mineral.

A quick lesson in mineral rights. Land grants from governments, local, state, and federal included both surface and mineral rights. Some joker along the way started splitting out the mineral rights from the surface rights. In that case a person or company owning the mineral rights can lease them to a company, and the surface owner has to permit that company to mine the mineral rights with some sort of compensation.

There is some land where the mineral rights are still intact with the surface rights. But if you’re buying land where you think you have the mineral rights, you had better read the fine print, and even the fine print seems sometimes to convey the mineral rights when it doesn’t.

To make a long story short, Uranium One goes from a nobody to a somebody, and dangles itself out there for purchase. Along comes Putin’s Russian company Rosatom in October, 2010 and buys 51% of the company, and in January, 2013 buys the other 49%, which elemental math equals 100%. Did I fail to mention Putin’s buddy is Iran, the same Iran that is bent and determined to build an atomic bomb and blow Israel to smithereens. What do you need for an atomic bomb? Uranium.

Now here’s where you can use your judgment on traitor or treason. Hillary Clinton was Sec of State from January, 2009 to early February, 2013. Rather interesting to me that the 100% deal for Russia’s Rosatom is completed in January, 2013, and Hillary resigns as Sec. of State in February, 2013.

The amount of money from all over that flowed into the Clinton Foundation from peculiar sources and at peculiar times while Hillary was Sec. of State required several Brink’s trucks to haul it to the bank. And Bill’s $500,000 speeches seemed endless. Did forget to mention his fee for speaking increased considerably while Hillary was Sec. of State.

If we haven’t gotten to horrendous in your mind yet, here it is. Who had to approve the Russian Rosatom company purchase of Uranium One? Like maybe the Secretary of State’s Office, the Justice Department, the Commerce Department, the Office of Homeland Security, and some fellow named Obama. I may have left out a department or two, but you get the point. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming at the time asked why would we do that?

I’m still trying to tally up what Bill’s Canadian buddy and his Uranium One investors contributed to the Clinton Foundation. The best I can tell, it was $31 million immediate with a pledge of $100 million more. Guess we’ll have to wait for the Clinton Foundation to adjust their filings with the IRS for the last five years to find out. Seems they forgot to include a bunch of money they received.

Did our good old IRS ferret out this oversight, at least I think that’s what the Clinton Foundation called it? No. Canadian tax records revealed that in an investigation.

I wouldn’t worry though. If you’re on the New York City subway, and notice a guy who looks like Putin riding beside you, it might be. He probably bought the subway, and is riding it to see what improvements need to be made.

Did Hillary have anything to do with that while she was Sec. of State?


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  • Thank you, Bob. Maybe people will read and understand what treason is, and we better wake up and start yelling.