TV Anchor Murdered


Almost 22 years ago Jodi Huisentruit, an anchor for the TV station in Mason City, Iowa disappeared from the face of the earth.  That’s an old cliché, but unfortunately in this case true.

She normally arose at 3:00 in the morning for her early appearance on TV at 6:00 A. M.

She had not arrived at the station shortly after 3:00.  Her producer called her at home at 4:00 A. M. Jodi was still in bed, but she would be at the station shortly.

She never showed up.

Some of her neighbors reported that around 4:30 A. M. outside Jodi’s apartment they heard some screams and saw a white van. Like maybe neighbors call the police.  Police later found her keys and purse and some blood.

ID TV had a repeat story about Jodi the other night.  Some of the other channels had programs about her previously.

Jodi had reported to the police that someone was stalking her. The police took it seriously, but couldn’t keep a 24-hour surveillance on her.

The person who abducted her had to be patient on the morning she disappeared.  By oversleeping, she was an hour later leaving her apartment than she would ordinarily have been.  Where was the white van parked all this time?  Didn’t anyone see it in that hour’s lull time with someone in it? Didn’t they think it was strange and call the police? Apparently not.

Although Jodi worked for a small TV station, it became big news nationwide when she disappeared.  Probably from the camaraderie that all TV people share.  It could have been them, and not Jodi.

In fact one lady at a larger TV station, can’t remember, maybe Minneapolis-St. Paul, reported that she had received some of the vilest communications from what could be called a stalker.  Nothing ever transpired from it, but that did not keep her from being apprehensive.  As she indicated you’re out there in front of a lot of people, and it only takes one.

Jodi was only 27 on that fateful June 27, 1995 morning. They showed clips of her on the air in Mason City.  I’m no judge of TV personalities, but she was so vibrant and friendly, I can’t see how all 500,000 viewers the station covered couldn’t have liked her as well. But here again there was one.

I have no doubt that Jodi would have moved into a bigger TV market sometime soon in the future. She might have even made national TV. Wouldn’t that have been something? Small town girl makes it big. She never had a chance because of that one person.

I ask of that person, who gave you the right to determine the life of Jodi Huisentruit? Nobody.  You just took it on yourself.

I’d like to shame the killer into coming forward. That seldom works.  They kill and have no conscience about doing it.  They are certainly not going to develop a conscience later.

But it must be a murky world they live in.  Surely they have nightmares about what they did.  Cold sweats at night. And to know that Hell is in their future.

One beautiful person gone so that one scumbag could have some sadistic pleasure in killing her.  Were you the stalker? Were you stalking her to kill her? What was the purpose of killing her? Then you could stalk her no more. One final act, and your prey doesn’t exist anymore. Does that make sense to you? Why not stand at a distance, taking pleasure in eluding the authorities, and continue the game of stalking, because to you it is a game. In games people do not die.

The stalking fantasy is that the person once captured will want to be with you, and she didn’t. That was very evident in her struggles. Your fantasy turned you into a psycho.

You’re free to roam around and stalk someone else. And you probably will.  Maybe not someone as high profile as Jodi, but in the world of stalking, you have to take what you can get.

Your high was probably Jodi because of her high profile.  Now you are reduced to second-pickings which may not satisfy you.  It might even keep you from killing again. You’ve reached the pinnacle in killings with Jodi, and anything beyond that are underlings.

Killers sooner or later have to tell somebody they murdered someone.  If the killer is the only one who knows it, there can be no pride in what they have done.

Why not send me a comment telling me where Jodi’s body is? Give her family some relief from your horrendous crime. I won’t make your comment public.  It will only be between you and me. I’ll tell the police where the body is, but not that you sent me the info.  What pleasure can there be that you are the only one who knows where her body is? If you tell me where the body is, then that proves you are the killer, and that is what you want to be known. That is your trophy, the ultimate trophy.

I do not expect to hear from you, the killer of Jodi Huisentruit, because you are a coward, a full-grown adult coward.


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