Twenty-five to Life


I’m a little slow on math today.  Maybe my readers will help me out here.

On 3/23/89 Brian Britton, a sixteen-year old boy shot-gunned his father, his mother, and his eight year old brother to death.  He tried to kill his eighteen-year sister, but she was rushed to the hospital when police officers arrived on the scene, and survived, although according to the program on ID TV about this, she had been shot in the head and upper body and had no idea what happened.

I’d like for my readers to tell me exactly how much Brian got for killing three members of his family and darn near the fourth.  Twenty-five years to life.  What’s that? Anyway I wish some of my faithful readers would figure it out for me, and send me a comment. How much time he got for each member of his family he killed, as in they’re not breathing anymore. They are dead. Forever dead. Buried in the cemetery. Forever.

Brian loaded up his shotgun a little after five in the morning of that day, and fired and fired as everyone except him slept.

We have two different versions about why this happened.  ID TV said it was because his mother wouldn’t let him see his girlfriend enough.  Numerous stories on the Internet said he was a modern-day Rambo. Instead of taking it out on his enemies, his target was his family.

ID TV did say he had militaristic posters and other info in his room. The Internet stories said his room was wall-to-wall Rambo posters.

I can find no comment that his girlfriend said after Brian conducted his massacre. I would hope her parents said they might do a background check on any future boyfriends she had, in case one of them is psycho.

I can’t officially say Brian was psycho, because to my knowledge no psychiatrist said he was, but I do have my opinion.

You see, the trouble with this twenty-five to life is that every two years when his parole hearing comes up, his sister has to go down to the Pardons and Parole Board somewhere in New York (The crime occurred in Poughkeepsie, New York), and plead her case that Brian, her brother, should never see the light of day again from outside the prison walls.

According to ID TV a detective did finally take Brian’s sister through what happened on that fateful day in 1989, took her through the scene at the house, the house where it occurred.  She had to wait a number of years to have the courage to do it.

I’m not sure if New York has the death penalty, probably not, but they certainly do have life without parole.

The twenty-five to life must have been declared by the judge in the case.  It does cause me to ponder. What would it have taken for Brian Britton to get life without parole? Was the murder count not high enough? Maybe like if he had three or four more victims, the judge would have given him life without parole? Maybe 10 murder victims, maybe 12?

I don’t think the jury has as one of their choices that they can give him 25 to life. That is what leads me to the conclusion that it was the judge who meted out the sentence.

May I take a moment here to give you my opinion?  The judge was stupid.

I repeat.  Every two years Brian’s sister has to relive the murders of her parents and brother as she reads her statement to the Pardons and Parole Board. The gruesome details have to course through her mind slowly, how each one of them died individually.

This would seem to have been a case ripe for an insanity plea in the mind of the defense attorney, but the premeditation as he went from victim to victim might have precluded that.

Perhaps the lunacy hearing should have been given to the judge for putting Brian’s sister in the position of having to appear before the Pardons and Parole Board every two years.  The judge should appear before a board of psychiatrists to check his sanity every two years.

Why do I need to keep repeating about Brian’s sister having to appear before the Pardons and Parole Board every two years?  It’s because I imagine to her it feels like it’s every two weeks, not two years.

So who got the longer sentence here, Brian Britton, or his sister?  She got life, that is his life until he dies, and she no longer has to worry about him getting out of the penitentiary.

And this is called justice?


  • You are wright, the poor sister has the life sentence, a monster like him must remain in jail for life, 25 yrs sentence sucks

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I cannot imagine how the judge could over look the situation that he put the sister in, seemingly over looked it entirely.

      I never cease to be amazed at the judicial system, or lack of.