Is the Hoover Police Department Saying That Two Teachers Lied?


A Hoover High School P. E. teacher has been arrested for harassing a student. The student and her witness claim the teacher pulled her out of the girls’ locker room, and into the hallway by her arm because she wasn’t dressing fast enough. This according to

A second teacher present at the time, said nothing unusual happened.

This reminded me of an incident when I was going to high school around the time of the Revolutionary War. Only at this very minute did I realize I had been harassed in P. E. The P. E. teachers were four football coaches, and they must have been in a conspiracy.

Let me set the scene. We called it THE ROPE. It hung about two feet off the ground, and as you stood under it, the ceiling it was attached to looked to be five feet taller than the Empire State Building. When my vision cleared, it was only about twenty feet tall or long, whichever torture term you choose to call it. How was I harassed? The coaches said, “Climb it.” That’s right. They didn’t pull me out into the hallway by my arm or anything. They just stared at that rope in an off room from the gym and said, “Climb it.”

I could have called the police and had them arrested for harassment. Look on the bright side of all of this. They could have formed a barbershop quarter while in jail, and booked tours when they got out.

Does my harassment sound ridiculous? Yes. To me about as ridiculous as this Hoover situation is.

This Hoover High School incident says to me that the Hoover Police Department is saying that those two teachers lied, and that the student and her witness are telling the truth.

Hoover High School is an upscale school in a suburb just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

Hoover police detectives investigated the case for at least a month. The incident occurred on January 27th.

The accused teacher had to go to jail, and bonded out for $500. She now has an arrest record.

How many times have I read that the school takes the student’s side of a situation? Or the police? I have a solution, and the Hoover Police Department, believe me, you need a solution.

The police in this case should have called in the girl’s parents and the parents of the witness and had both girls present. Then they should have said, “We need you two girls to come down to the police station to take a lie detector test before we arrest this teacher, because she will forever have a police record. You don’t mind doing that do you?

Of course I would design the questions for the accuser’s lie detector test.

You claim that the teacher pulled you by the arm out into the hallway. Is that correct?

If you were slow to dress, why was that? Were you trying to make the teacher mad? Were you mouthing off at the teacher all this time?

Have you ever had any disciplinary action taken against you? How many times? Once? Twice? Three? Four? Five?

Are you lying about what happened at the school?

You do know lying to the police can be a felony offense, and you yourself can go to jail?

Is your witness lying about what she saw?

Did you plan all of this to get even with that teacher? Did you vow to get revenge against this teacher for something she had done?

Do you like that teacher?

The student’s name has not been revealed because she is a minor. Is her father influential in Hoover to the extent he can cause this arrest to happen? I don’t know, but when you’re dealing in the higher income class, to me anything is possible. Did the parents have a friend on the school board that told the police to arrest the teacher to validate what their child said?

The teacher in question has taught P. E. for a number of years. There is no report of a blemish on her record of any sort, much less harassment.

Clarify this again for me, please. Is the Hoover Police Department saying that the two teachers are lying about what happened?

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