Two Young Girls May Have Taken a Picture of Their Killer


On Monday February 13th this year, 13-year old Abigail Williams and 14-year old Liberty German decided they wanted to go for a hike on a well-established trail. Who dropped them off is unclear, but it was probably a relative.

The trail was only about a mile from the small town of Delphi, Indiana, and seems to have been familiar to them.

About an hour after they were dropped off at a railroad bridge that is no longer used, there was a picture of one of them that was taken on a cell phone, exactly whose cell phone has not been clarified.

There was another picture of a man walking along the trail nobody at this point has been able to identify. He is the main suspect at this time. The timing element has to be too coincidental.

How eerie that would happen.  Do not think I have ever heard of an instance where somebody may have taken a picture of their killer, and it was preserved for the police and others.

Maybe the man did not realize his picture had been taken. If he is the killer why did he not destroy the cell phone? Maybe one of the girls stuck it in her pocket, and he was not aware of it.

Exactly where the picture was taken along the trail is not known at this time, perhaps.  The girls’ bodies were later found on private property about a half mile from their starting point for the hike at the old railroad bridge.  The killer would not have dragged the bodies very far.

If the background in the picture of him can be tied to the area where the bodies were found, that’s almost prima facie evidence he is the killer.

The police are in a rough spot.  They do not want the small town of Delphi, Indiana to panic.  I can understand their point of view, but sometimes you have to be realistic, panic or not.

Folks there is a killer loose in your area. Is he a pedophile?  No one knows.  Were the two girls killed as a crime of opportunity? Would he kill adults in addition to children if he had the chance?

Lock your doors and close the blinds or pull down the shades, and sit with a shotgun pointed toward the front door, with the proviso that you can swing around and cover the back door if someone unknown comes through it.

An afternoon hike.  An innocent afternoon when evil comes walking up, and they didn’t recognize it.

They had a chance to run when they took the picture of the man. He probably would have given chase, but if they separated, he could not have caught both of them. But they were friends, and more than likely would have stuck together to try and overcome the evil which overcame both of them.

You cannot unlearn loyalty in 15 seconds.  To leave a friend in danger while you try to save yourself. There were two of them and only one of him. They could do something to disable him long enough for them to get away.  They were fast runners. The man in the picture did not look like he could run for very long.  They would be like the wind and leave him after a 100 yards, 200 yards at the most, and then run like hell to town.

Their adrenaline would be flowing, and they could run the distance in record time, and when they got to town, they would report the man to the police, and they would go out to arrest him, because he could not have gotten far.

It didn’t happen like that, did it?  He gained the upper hand. How we may never know. Maybe he had a piece of lumber off the old bridge and hit them both in the head when they were not looking.

He could not have known those girls would be out there on this day. Was he looking for someone to kill? Or was he just walking and the girls appeared.  If the man in the picture is the killer, he must have killed before. Someone in their right mind who had not killed before, would not suddenly decide he would become a murderer. He was dealing with two girls, not one, and your success rate to kill both of them goes way down.

I think if anyone else was hiking along that trail at that time would have already come forward to tell the police, and also to tell the police if they noticed anyone else out on the trail with them, especially this man.  They would have been thankful it wasn’t them who had been killed.  That does not mean they lack compassion.  It‘s just that it may have been freakish luck for any woman on the trail to have survived that day.

The fellow in the picture has to be a drifter, maybe on the way to catch a freight and head wherever.  Delphi has to be a town where everybody knows everybody, and he would have been identified by somebody in about 10 seconds.

If he fled to other areas of the country, he probably becomes a face in the crowd that no one recognizes, even if his picture is plastered all over the United States.

The girls did not know the picture they took of him might be the last thing they ever did in their lives. Just a picture of a stranger who may be a monster.

Let us hope that the coroner has been able to tie the time of their death down.  Maybe stomach contents if the HCL had not dissolved the contents beyond recognition.  Maybe the test of the temperature of the liver that would give the time of death more accurately than the stomach contents provided climatic conditions allowed it.

The cell phone picture of the man is timed. If the background of the murder scene is in the background of that picture, and the time of death can be established as within a minute or two of the girls’ deaths, then they have him.




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