Was a Clue Overlooked in the O. J. Simpson Case?


A jury said Simpson was not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I say he did it.

There was plenty of hard evidence presented at trial. The clue that might have convicted him wasn’t hard evidence, but a moral one, a physical one. Juries are often times a strange lot, and beyond the hard evidence, you have to present something that grabs the jury, something beyond the usual.

I read the autopsies for both Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. I would suggest you not do that.

When Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered, her fatal stab wounds were to her carotid artery, and her jugular vein. Either one of those was capable of exsanguination. That’s a technical term meaning the body drained of blood. From the photos taken at the scene, it looked like that happened.

There was a stab or stabbing wound that did not happen. To Nicole’s face.

O. J. had been accused of physical abuse of Nicole several times in the past, and the police were called to their home in relation to those incidences. It is my contention that O. J. was not concerned about the domestic violence he perpetrated against Nicole and any resulting facial injuries, because they would heal. In her death, facial injuries would not heal, and he wanted her face pristine in death.

Ron Goldman died of a stab wound to the jugular vein, and another stab wound that penetrated a lung, both fatal. There was a large degree of exsanguination. He was also stabbed in the face several times.

What is the significance of all this. Here again this is my opinion. O. J. did not want to injure Nicole’s face with stab wounds, because he wanted her face as he had known it when he bent down to kiss her in the casket.

That would have been my moral clue to the jury. I would have painted a prolonged picture in the minds of the jurors in recounting O. J. kissing Nicole. And I would have reminded jurors that O. J. would have been repulsed if he did not leave her beauty intact, if he stabbed her in the face. Had he stabbed her in the face, witnesses to this would have reported that what they saw was fake in the finality of Nicole’s death. There is a point that any human being reaches that cannot display the ultimate lie with any honest conviction.

The stab wounds in Nicole’s neck were not of a size that a mortician’s magic could not hide. But stab wounds to the face, and the amount of makeup and-or wax needed to cover them were a different matter.

I don’t think he had a second thought about where he stabbed Ron Goldman. The stabs were extensive and frequent.

I’m not sure how the Brown and Goldman family ever reached closure on this. From all indications every one of them believe O. J. did it, but without a conviction, that must leave some type of indetermination.

Two of O. J.’s defense team are no longer alive. That would be Robert Kardashian. Yes the father of the clan that seems to dominate TV. Johnnie Cochran has also left us.

Robert Kardashian died on 9/30/2003 of esophageal cancer. Johnnie Cochran died of a brain tumor on 3/29/2005.

Once O. J. was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, he could never be tried for that again.

Both Kardashian and Cochran were aware they were dying. Kardashian knew a couple of months before he died, and Cochran perhaps fifteen months.

You might think they would want to tell the public whether they thought O. J. was guilty or not, a kind of cleansing of the soul, perhaps earn some bonus points for where they might be headed. The authority responsible for the issuance and viability of law licenses certainly would not have revoked the law license of either man for violating lawyer-client privilege. Cochran and Kardashian might have gotten a laugh out of that one.

Why would either have been concerned about lawyer-client relationships? O. J. would never face another trial, and as the end neared for Cochran and Kardashian, I think the mood switches to their self-preservation as to where they are going. At that point I believe they could have safely said, “O. J. you’re on your own.”

That didn’t happen. If Cochran and Kardashian made it to the Pearly Gates, I have to think the first question would have been, “You had your chance to do this, not so much for the public, as for the Brown and Goldman families. You blew it.”

O. J.’s in jail right now in Nevada. Your guess is as good as mine as to why. One report had it that he and a friend or two went to this memorabilia merchant’s hotel room to retrieve memorabilia that O. J. said belonged to him, and somebody had a gun, and somehow O. J. wound up in jail. In all honesty, I think he’s serving time for the time he didn’t serve for the murders. Of course, they can’t keep him forever, but I suppose there is some type of moral turpitude that has been accomplished here.

FX had a series starting Tuesday night titled “The People Versus O. J. Simpson.” John Travolta is the executive producer. It is a very tightly written script, and doesn’t seem to steer away from the truth as much as some “based on fact” TV shows. The rest of the episodes should be interesting. Do they nail O. J. in some kind of aftermath? Guess we will have to wait and see.

June 12, 1994 was the night Nicole Brown Simpson died. She and her family had gone to a restaurant earlier that night. Ron Goldman, according to reports, appeared at Nicole’s condo to deliver eyeglasses that Nicole’s mom had left at the restaurant.

Sometimes fate is strange in the way it delivers people into harm’s way.

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