Why Burn Paula Sladewski’s Body?


I guess the answer to that is evident—to destroy evidence.

One has to make logical assumptions because the body was burned so badly, dental records were required to tell authorities who she was.

Paula Sladewski, a model, a stunning-looking woman, a stripper at one time.

What can be assumed about the killer?  My guess is he raped her, and wanted the DNA gone. Maybe there was fingerprint evidence from his hands being on her body.  That was gone.

The body was burning in a dumpster on the night of January 3, 2010 when people who saw it blazing called the police. They didn’t see anyone dump the body there, and soak it in some kind of accelerant, possibly gasoline? Sounds like they only saw what they wanted to see, and report it.

How did Paula, who left a nightclub, Club Space, at about 7:00 that morning come to be dead at about 9:00 that night?  That’s what the police want to know, have wanted to know for the last 7 years.

Paula and her boyfriend Kevin Klym had visited with her parents and sister on Christmas in Michigan.

Paula and Kevin were going to Las Vegas to celebrate New Year’s, according to the story on ID TV or the sister network on NBC “Dateline”.

Paula had gone online to find that Lady Gaga was giving a concert in Miami on New Year’s Eve, and their plans changed.  After purchasing tickets on line, at a no doubt ridiculous price, their plans were solidified.

Paula and Kevin I guess were compatible in a strange way.  Their relationship had been ongoing for a couple of years.  They beat up on each other. Paula had a domestic abuse/violence case where she took after Kevin.  That was dismissed, because Kevin didn’t want to press charges.  Kevin had a domestic abuse/violence case still pending where he allegedly broke her nose, not a great thing when Paula must have figured her greatest asset was her looks.

Her greatest asset, according to reports in Club Space, where she and Kevin visited early on January 3nd was her ass. Several witnesses say she was flaunting it, and that was driving normally sane men to insanity. Whether she had on underwear is a matter of debate. There is a possibility Paula and Kevin might have arrived the night before for a longer club stay, but most club patrons place their arrival at early on January 3rd.

I’m not sure of the intoxication level of either Paula and Kevin and whether they were legally drunk at .08, but their fights seemed to occur when they both had been drinking.

And a fight there was.  The pieces of the puzzle seem to fit in this way.  Kevin grabbed Paula’s arm to take her out of the club, and away from public display. Paula wasn’t going.

The bouncers threw Kevin out. The normal rule of Club Space was that both parties be tossed out, but they allowed Paula to stay. Why?  You’ll have to ask them.  A hot woman attracting men like flies.  Word probably spread like wildfires, when some inside called their friends to come see the exhibition. I think that’s what you call good for business.

It was verified by police that Kevin, after having been tossed out of the club, then took a cab back to their hotel, where he went to bed.

Paula according to reports from security left the club shortly after 7:00 that morning. Witnesses say she was either followed by a black man or was holding hands with a black man, never to be seen alive again.

They have a sketch of the alleged black man that has been shown to the public for 7 years, and nothing has come of it.

Forget the black man, speculation was that Paula actually left with one of the bouncers.  I find that highly unlikely.  The head of security flatly denied it.  Even though the club could be open to a liability lawsuit, Paula’s death is still a black mark on their club, and I think they had rather have it cleared up with the killer caught, regardless of who it is, and worry about a liability lawsuit later.

Who do we blame for Paula’s death?  The display she put on that night that attracted the killer? Her drinking, and maybe being drunk at the time when she exited the Club? Her time as a stripper that led to her being flamboyant and open with her life? The fact she refused to leave the club with Kevin?

The fact Club Space did not force her to leave when Kevin was thrown out? Did Club Space not realize with Kevin gone, and Paula left alone with the prowling wolves and worse, this would not end well for her?

The bouncers followed her to the door. Did they think she was too inebriated to make a wise choice, and they should have seen she was in a cab going back to her hotel?  They knew she was alone when she stepped outside onto the sidewalk.

This was a very bad area of town, at the lower end of South Beach, but no South Beach you have ever seen on TV.  This place was desolate, really desolate.  Other businesses were supposed to be there, but the outside of the Club showed nothing. Even the parking lot was about two blocks away, and that was a lonely two blocks.

The legal liability of the club ended at the sidewalk, because that is public property. If I had been head of security I would have assumed the moral obligation to see she was in a safe cab headed for her hotel, and I would have stuck my head in the cab to make sure she gave the cabbie the name of the hotel.

In defense of security the club still had hundreds, maybe even thousands of patrons still in it.  How are you going to take care of everybody, woman or man?

These are all contributing factors, but the person responsible for killing Paula was the killer himself. We do have moral obligations on this planet. Some people don’t feel the need to follow them, and not kill.

Murder is a brutal crime, but the brutality of this crime exceeds murder.

The composite sketch of the black man comes from several different witnesses who all agree this is what the man looked like.  Maybe if only one witness saw him, their recollection of what he looked like could be skewed.

I find it difficult to believe the sketch of this man is not very close to what he looks like.

He’s out there, and he has either killed again or will kill again.

Who knows this man?  Come forward.  Tell the police.

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