Sometime ago on another site about 125-150 people told me yall was wrong. It had to be y’all. Some teachers were in that group of naysayers.

Sorry folks, I am a majority of one, and now in this country, I’m right, and you’re wrong.

In the Illinois school system, a transgender. Wait a minute. A transgender? That’s P. C. Let’s go to Webster’s dictionary for the official word, non-P. C. Hermaphrodite. Let’s not soft-soap this thing, because apparently that’s what this hermaphrodite wants to do in the girls’ shower stalls and locker room.

The hermaphrodite has, according to reports, identified him/her/it as a female for most if not all of his/her/it’s life. I use it, because if I identify this person as him, then her gets mad. If I identify this person as her, then him gets mad. It seems a good possibility of identification.

I assume they were talking about gym classes in their discussion. The school had provided separate facilities for this hermaphrodite (let’s say H) to change clothes. That wasn’t good enough. That was discrimination. At least that’s what the ACLU claimed when they took it before a federal judge who agreed with them.

So now I assume H has the free rein of peering at all the girls in the showers and locker room. The girls have the misfortune of having to peer at H. I’m sure their language in referring to H will have to be restrictive, because probably the federal judge will be right there checking on it. It may get even more crowded than that. If the ACLU gets a request from the football team that the they should be given access to the girls’ showers and locker room, how can the ACLU turn down such a challenging case?.

What happened to the time that a person said I’m not going to be selfish and make everyone accede to my demands. I’ll do what needs to be done for the majority of girls involved, in this case.

No, we have what I call a selfish brat, and H’s selfish family who want to shove it down everyone’s throat, and you can interpret that literally if you wish, and think everything is normal.

Why not consider your other classmates? No, this is I, me, myself, and nobody else matters. Good luck in the rest of your life. When you hit the business world, businesses can’t legally discriminate against you for your attitude, but there are ways I can think of they can react, and you can’t do a thing about it. I, me, myself, selfish I, me, myself.

That brings us to yall. I think I’ll call up the ACLU and tell them I’m being discriminated against by all these people who tell me I’m wrong. My interpretation of yall should be the universal language. I can’t see them not taking my case. In my opinion the ACLU would defend the right of a member of ISIS on American soil to be able to buy bomb-making material at the local hardware store, etc, on the basis that he will not be making a bomb, that he’s making a clock like that Muslim kid did. Don’t you think they could find a liberal federal judge who would buy that argument? And my case is so much simpler.

In view of the fact they are now giving serious consideration that an ISIS planted bomb may have brought down that Russian plane on Saturday, killing all 224 aboard, everyone should receive great comfort in that. The plane takes off, climbs to 31,000 feet, and is no more, sounds very much like a barometric bomb to me, one that explodes when the barometric pressure changes.

Well, folks, I, me, myself has declared y’all to be in violation of my rights. Get over y’all. Learn to live with the fact yall is all inclusive, it sounds like everyone is gathered around for a big, bear hug. Y’all, the contraction of you and all, sounds like you are standing over here, and all are standing over there, and there is a vast divide between the two of you, like maybe you got a divorce or something.

What a terrific place this is. I no longer have to worry about the majority agreeing with me. If I, me, myself believe it, then it has to be so.

Joe Pesci from the movie “My Cousin Vinny” has given me my next word crusade. In a courtroom scene, he mentioned the word youts, Fred Gwynne, playing the judge, couldn’t initially figure out what he’s talking about, and then he discovers Joe is referring to youths.

Get ready folks, we no longer have youths, it’s youts. I’ve got the phone number of the ACLU around here somewhere.

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