You Can Leave Now


I was amazed by what one of the liberal commentators said on Fox. “She wants “In God We Trust” removed from everything, including all of our money. Yet she made the statement to the effect that she was born in the United States by luck of her birth. Does that make sense? Her parents must not have been born here, and her brain must have been born someplace else.

I won’t name her, because she has probably already received enough hate mail. Hate mail is not the answer.

Lady, if you’re lucky by birth to be here, then accept what the vast majority of us believe who live in this country. If not, you can leave now. Catch the fastest ship or plane, or whatever. Go where they don’t believe “In God We Trust”. Give ISIS a try.

And speaking of ISIS, A liberal woman Rutgers’ professor says the United States is worse than ISIS. Lady, last time I checked, at least one plane an hour leaves LaGuardia bound for your promised land. Go and educate ISIS. Check out women’s rights in some of the Middle Eastern countries. Just don’t lose your head in the process, and if you get raped, remember you are to blame, and will receive 100 lashes for your indiscretion.

And people go around stomping on the American Flag, and spitting on it, and burning it. The Supreme Court says that’s okay. A symbol that has been fought for by millions, and hundreds of thousands have died for it, and it can be desecrated in the name of free speech.

Every school should be required to have a video of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. The Unknown who was killed in Vietnam has since been identified by DNA and moved to his home state.

When a student watches a video of the Unknowns, and does not honor those buried there, and what is represented at their graves, then that student and their parents should be provided a plane ticket to the country of their choice outside the United States.

If you see no patriotism in the changing of the Guard at the Unknowns, then you don’t need to be here, but rather where you think it is much better, which you will find out is not the case.

And for those who don’t think “In God We Trust” is appropriate, or ISIS is better than the United States, or the American Flag should be desecrated, perhaps you should read what is on the Tomb of the original Unknown—“Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God”. And think about the Interment Flag. Yes there was an Interment Flag, an American Flag. All of the Interment Flags from the Tomb of the Unknowns are on display in the Memorial Display Room.

“Known but to God” and an Interment Flag, an American Flag. Odd that in today’s world the very thing, the very last thing, that the federal government deemed necessary for these men to have to rest in peace is now the first things under attack—God and the American Flag.

The desecration of the Unknowns is what’s happening here. That includes those who gave their lives, and also symbolically gave their lives for hundreds of thousands of others, and for God and the American Flag.

Those who disrespect these, the Unknowns, God, and the American Flag might as well go up to D. C., go in Arlington, march over to the Tomb of the Unknowns, and spit on their graves. There is a slight deterrent to that, and even though the Honor Guards who are at the site 24/7/365 have unloaded rifles, I do not think you will get anywhere close to the graves of the Unknowns with your public display of being anti-American. I think you will be arrested and hauled off to jail. Yet in any other venue you can carry out your hateful attitude. You can go to a National Cemetery and spit on a veterans’ grave. You can argue that “In God We Trust” is wrong, and you can say in a college or university that ISIS is better than the U. S.

We should all take a lesson from the Honor Guards of the Unknowns. The Honor Guards are the elite of the elite. Honor Guards have a double meaning. Those who serve are honored to do it, and they honor those Unknowns whom they serve.

We who believe as I do are still the majority in this country. We believe the Tomb of the Unknowns and any graves of ones who died for our freedom should never be desecrated. We believe that God should never be desecrated. We believe the American Flag should never be desecrated.

If you remain silent, then soon you will be silenced by those who choose desecration. You need to speak for those who can no longer speak.

The Tomb of the Unknowns and what they represent should be made a national monument by Congress. Desecration of veterans’ graves, God, and the American Flag would no longer be allowed, and subject to federal prosecution.

I don’t think the Supreme Court wants to rule against that.


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